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Our Focus:
Surveillance Systems

From retro-fitting older video systems to the latest in Network Video Recording (NVR) and Laser motion detection.

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Access control

Physical entry control. Card, code and or biometric access. Remote administration.

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System and Network Administration

If your network, workstations, servers or wireless are down or not functioning smoothly, the loss in productivity is costly. Disaster recovery: do you have a plan?

Talk to us about the benefits of a monthly retainer plan and remove the worry.

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Monitoring the health of cameras, NVR, DVRs, adding and removing tenants from access control systems and intercoms. We can add your system to our servers for monitoring and data input, so you don't get caught with a down system or dead camera.

Talk to us about a monthly or yearly service contracts.

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Welcome to OPL

We facilitate the continuous flow of technology for our clients, offering technology and business consulting. Given the nature of business and technology, we are constantly extending and expanding our knowledge to maintain our position ahead of the curve. Our services are retained on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis depending on the size of the contract. We are very sensitive to security and believe the health of our company is directly connected to our discretion.

Access control, IP surveillance, Network/Technology Administration and Operational support. Managing small to medium size projects is our niche. Technology support comes in many forms, responding to a data loss or ensuring through operational support retainer that data loss never happens.

Main Principles

Our relationships are symbiotic, our clients/partners success is our success. We are in it for the longterm, this may require investment of time and energy on our part that does not always result in immediate reward, it does however result in a deeper more loyal relationship.

We may tell you something that you would prefer not to hear, sometimes you could lose a client that way.

We have to make a profit, no one stays in business to support their clients if there is no profit. Value is providing a product at a fair price that is truly competitive while also making a profit so as to continue to support the client.

Our Services
  • Video Monitoring
  • Video Hosting Off-Site
  • Surveillance Design
  • Surveillance System Installation
  • Perimeter Security Design
  • Project Management
  • Access Control Management
  • Access Control Design
  • Access Control Installation
  • Technology Facilitation
  • Technology Purchasing
  • Off-Site Technology Health Monitoring
  • Low-Voltage Design & Installation